Execution of a member of the Rapid Support Forces in the case of the martyr Atbara Khaled Awad Sheyal

Atbara: Pulse News

Today, the criminal court judge in Atbara issued a death sentence by hanging to death on the first accused in the murder of the martyr Khaled Awad Sheyal, and the criminal cover-up and refusal to provide assistance to the second accused in communication No. 1647 / 2019 AD on June 30, 2019 under Articles 130 / 21 of the Criminal Code.

The judge of the Atbara Criminal Court issued a ruling convicting the first accused, Muhammad Issa Haroun, from the Rapid Support Forces under Article 130 of the Criminal Code, and he was sentenced to death by hanging until death as retribution. 107 of the Criminal Code, and he was sentenced to three years in prison for violating Article 107 BC. C and imprisonment for three months for violating Article 75 BC. NS.

And Maulana, Mr. Hamid Mohamed El Hassan, Chief Public Prosecutor in River Nile State, chaired the accusation panel in the communication on behalf of the Public Prosecutor in charge of the presence of representatives of the accusation in the public right from the Public Prosecution and on behalf of them, the Supreme Prosecution Office of Muhammad Suleiman Sharif, the First Prosecutor Ghada Mahmoud and the third prosecutor, Issa Bashir, in the presence of a lawyer Parents of blood and defense attorney for the accused.

The summary of the facts is that on the day of June 30, 2019, during the revolution rallies in the city of Atbara, the martyr Khaled Awad Sheyal was assassinated by bullets by individuals affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces (later the two mentioned suspects were identified).
A criminal case was registered in the Atbara Prosecution under Articles 21/130 of the Criminal Code, and after the investigation was completed, the papers were referred to the court for adjudication.

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