Health: Arrangements have been completed for the launch of the Corona vaccine campaign in Khartoum


Khartoum: Nabad News
The General Department of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health, Khartoum, started training the cadres participating in the Corona vaccine vaccination campaign, the second round, which begins on the twenty-ninth of August, as part of the federal preparations that were launched with an enlightening meeting at the level of the Federal Ministry of Health, with the participation of the World Bank, UNICEF, World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health Khartoum and announced the Director of the General Administration of Health Promotion
Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman Naqd Allah that the workshop comes within the framework of national endeavors to confront the global pandemic of Corona, stressing that the ministry has started arrangements for a new round of vaccination with anti-Corona vaccines by adding two new vaccines, Johnson & Johnson and Sinopharma in addition to Astraznica, where the activities of the ministry were launched with the preparatory and training workshop in all health promotion units in the localities He explained that the campaign targets people with chronic diseases over 45 years of age and over 60 years old, in addition to some professional groups such as workers in the health and education sectors (all education workers at all levels of education, from kindergartens, schools and universities), in addition to some public and private institutions and regular institutions.
Dr. Jawaher Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Director of the Department of Information, Education and Communication in the General Department of Health Promotion in Khartoum, appealed to the citizens targeted by the campaign to go to the vaccination centers announced in all localities of the state, and stressed the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, calling not to pay attention to rumors, noting that the ministry’s first concern is the health of the citizen, adding that the workshop targeted The cadres have all the information about vaccines and the work plan during the campaign period by training the health promotion managers in the localities and ensuring their readiness to start implementation by raising awareness through the imams of mosques and trust committees in the administrative units.

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